The Law Office of Piotr Jarnutowski is an independent law firm. It was founded by attorney Piotr Jarnutowski in 2011 in Ostroleka, where is the main office.

Establishing his own practice lawyer Piotr Jarnutowski proposed his authorized vision of providing legal services and business consulting. It’s based on personal and direct approach to the customer in terms of their individual needs. This solution enables the most effective legal services.

Currently The Law Office creates a dynamic law firm, in which each service is aimed at providing comprehensive advice. Our team, which is it’s greatest asset, has the necessary qualifications and experience to conduct a comprehensive and reliable legal matters for individuals and businesses. Both individual and commercial companies with Polish capital and Treasury and foreign entities. It also supports the non-government sector organization (NGO), public administration institutions and persons engaged in agricultural production activities.

The office practice was extended to include the activity of The Law Firm of Restructuring Advisor Piotr Jarnutowski. As a result, clients received wider protection in the field of restructuring and bankruptcy. Both creditors. As well as debtors.


Legal advice

Oral or written legal assistance provided in terms of current problems.

Representation court

Replacing in front of judicial authorities and administrative bodies. It also includes participation in the negotiations.

Legal structures

Preparation of written opinions, agreements, regulations, statutes or other pleadings.


- a member of the Warsaw Bar





Lawyer Piotr Jarnutowski


Agricultural and Food Law

Hunting Law

Weapons and ammunition

Divorce and division of property

The inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependands)

Regulations related to debt prosecutions

Real estate and construction process

Tax Criminal Law



The Law Firm is located in Ostroleka, on the edge of Mazovia region. Operates in the three provinces.

Provides legal assistance mainly in the Mazovian voivodship (within the jurisdiction of the District Court in Ostroleka and Warsaw) in parts of the region of Podlasie (historic Mazovian with Lomza, and in Białystok). Moreover in the southern districts of the Warmia and Mazury (District Szczytno and Pisz with Olsztyn).


The Law Firm - Kancelaria Adwokacka Piotr Jarnutowski, 13 B. Prusa street, 07-417 Ostroleka

P. +48 29 642 99 90 P. +48 29 642 99 91 P. + 48 22 398 35 85 F. + 48 22 398 46 80

Przasnysz, adwokat, radca prawny

Head Office and the Office of the main area of activity covers the north-east of Mazovia. It is referred to the name of Kurpie. The word is derived from the people living in it - Kurpie, who themselves originally called themselves Puszczaki. These areas are still differing population resides in his speech and habits of neighbors. These contrasts are blurred. However identity is strongly alive. Name of the company in essence refers to the best heritage of this land. Refund Poziestka is a subpoena.

Keep in mind that the nature of the inhabitants of this land was shaped by history. Rich in experience and the difficulties of everyday existence. These areas are subject to the beginning of the sixteenth century under the reign of the dukes of Mazovia. Directly bordered with Prussia and Lithuania. Later were included with the Mazovia to the Crown. Kurpie become the property of the king. This fact was important for the development of these lands. Indeed given special rights and privileges of the people living there, separate from the rest of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

Kurps had since their habits, organization of local government, customary rights and the judiciary. They developed around the broadcast rights Bartne by the rulers of Mazovia. The first privilege in Mazovia, determining the rights Bartne, was released at the beginning of the fifteenth century by the Duke of Masovia – Janusz I. The precedent was the stimulus for the development of the common law. There has to extract Bartne offices. In 1559 and 1616 most of the customs were written by the governors of Przasnysz and Lomza. These collections were in fact codification. County coverage included: Ciechanow, Lomza, Ostroleka and Przasnysz. King Zygmunt III Waza approved it in 1630 privilege. These rights were that in the internal affairs primeval people have complete self-government. They only were obliged to pay tribute to the king. After they met all terms Kurps were completely free men. Given collection also included issues related to civil law and criminal matters. Kurps courts have ruled. Benefits lasted until 1801 when King Fryderyk Wilhelm III abolished them by introducing to the Prussian law - Landrecht. Areas of northern Mazovia originally were under Prussian rule.

This is an interesting but practically forgotten aspect of the history of the area. However, is the legacy of our ancestors, which should to be reminded. History shows us the self-organization and industriousness of the population. Contrary to the generally prevailing stereotypes. They had their own government, laws and judiciary. Law Firm encourages the memory of this heritage.